Coupe Icare 2021

Here we are! Finally we come back to the Coupe Icare after a forced stop of this special event! We have the stand G11 and F12 (in partnership with SkyMonkey Paramotors) where you can find your next paramotor or trike.

RB 3D Swing Arms

This is my personal contribution to the paramotor world. In the past too many accident occured because the swing arm connection failed. After a long brainstorming, which lasted for months, I studied a new swing arm desing that solved problems and increase the performances, keeping the antitorque behavior required.

tThe RB 3D Swing Arms remove the stress between arms and frame, thanks to their outside movement and increase the handling in flight allow the pilot to choose his preferred carabiners distance. Now wear the paramotor became heasier also for heavy pilots!

Take a look on this magic!

Minimot – The smallest and light paramotor!

Proud to be one of the first companies  working seriously on this kind of machine. Following the great job by the Thay paramotor guru Nipon Kajoncheep, I decided to start develop a small paramotor, using the light DLE 170cc engine. The result is a really light and compact paramotor, that can be used for self launch paragliding but also for a different way of paramotoring. How much trhust it has? Enough is the correct answer. I did tandem foot launch paramotor with it and I use to fly with it and my small Ozone Freeride 15 without any problem. I really love this small jewel!

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Vittorazi Atom Paramotor

The light standard paramotor version of RB Paramotors. This engine is simply lovely, light, compact, silent and sexy! Enough power for light pilots, perfect for girls.
As for every RB Paramotors frame, I made the design of it around this small engine. The fuel tank is really high for a perfect center of gravity and to reach the best airflow to the prop and efficiency. The engine mounts are few millimiters from the back of the pilot, who is protected from vibrations by a 2mm strong carbon plate.
The 2022 3D Swing Arms, now ready for every model, guarantee you the best feeeling and safety for your flight experience.

Some details in the pictures below:

RB Paramotors is here!

Light paramotors developed to be easy to take off and landing, agile and stable in flight. 

Paramotoring has been my passion for over 25 years. This passion and commitment allowed me to improve experience and knowledge in this sector and start building the best machine I ever flew and its improvements never end to be made.

Raffaele B.